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Motivating, Educating and Inspiring
A nationally recognized professional, Jim Jelinske speaks on a variety of topics. Jim’s energetic approach and varied experience has brought him success with many organizations and businesses. Jim’s greatest strength is his passion.  His energy transfers to his audiences and adds life and character to events and programs. His humor, quick wit, and ability to connect make Jim’s valuable programs successful.
All training is done on site and our programs are cost effective, thorough, and time efficient.
The Toxic Workplace

Power Struggles, Grudges, Negativity, Cliques, Back Stabbing, Rumor Spreading.

Some individuals are poisonous, and they can infect everyone around them.  But if you have been in a toxic situation too long, you may have come to accept dysfunctional behavior as normal. You may even start to think that there’s something wrong with you. In this presentation, we will learn about the definitions and motivations causing difficult behavior, profile various types of difficult people and teach strategies on how to manage other people’s anger. We will explore situations that can apply to your interactions with the general public, your co-workers and your managers and learn about specific approaches to conflict resolution.

The Magic of Motivation

If you can’t motivate people directly, what can you do to create a workplace in which people will choose motivation?

  • Learn the “Tricks” for being happy.

  • Make those blues “Disappear”.

  • Waving the “Magic Wand” to create what you want.

  • Coping... using a mixed bag of “Tricks”. Overcoming illusions in life that distort the “big” picture

You Can’t Be Serious!

Using humor to get through life.

In these economically unknown times Jim believes that in order to improve morale, motivate employees, spark creativity, build trust, and improve productivity in the workplace our sense of humor is the most essential human resource we have to accomplish this goal. Humor is one of the healthiest and most powerful methods in providing perspective regarding life’s “grunge” (technical word for stress). Discover the potential for humor in your life and the steps in making your humor successful. This fast moving fun and uplifting session is sure to bring a smile to your face.


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