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Love and Laughter

With the horrific past shootings of Orlando I continue to see posters and signs with the slogans of "Love trumps Hate." Although I rarely use the word Trump in any writings I am compelled to always nod my head in agreement of this saying. We are a nation besieged with negativity, hurtful comments, judgements and flat out uncivil behavior. When will it stop? It is my humble opinion that hate will only stop when it is "confronted" with love. Empathy must be learned and taught as a necessary skill at all levels of humanness. How? We all have in our lifetimes experienced some form of hurtful behavior and when we do we produce a feeling which normally revolves around sadness, anger, tension and stress. We often times bottle up that feeling and then release it on someone other than the individual who conducted the vile behavior. I love to watch America's got talent, but I cringe in absolute disgust every time judge, Simon Cowell tears someone down in their attempt to convey to the audience their talent. I then go into a dissertation to my wife about how I wish I could just tell that guy off. She usually waits until I am done venting and then tells me to write him a letter. I have yet to do so. I just quit watching?

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