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"The Love and Laughter Guy"

​What is Creative Education Services?
We are a company that prides itself on providing a fast paced, educational experience. Our passion is to give each participant attending presentation the techniques and strategies they came use the very same day. Each program is designed to meet the needs of the business and address the issues which can prevent growth and success.

So the question is, “Are you Ready”?
Are you ready to take part in a active innovative and information packed presentation which will leave a lasting impression.

Who is Jim Jelinske?
Jim Jelinske is a speaker your audience will want to hear! He has spoken to thousands across the country and will cause your audience to think and act on the issues that are important to the growth of your workplace.

His presentations captivate with humor...innovate with creativity...and motivate with passion.

Growing up, Jim always enjoyed challenging and inspiring those around him to overcome obstacles and be something significant in life. Working 28 years in the human service field with youth and families he understands the behaviors which inspire and encourage collaboration.

Jim takes great pride in being able to reach each group at their level through his use of humor, magic and caring attitude. Not only will his message connect with where your group is at but your audience will have the tools to live differently tomorrow.

Jim is an engaging communicator who strives to make a significant impact in the lives of the audiences he addresses.

Midwest Speakers Bureau Bio


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