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“He's the greatest speaker on the planet!”  -- Jim's Mom

The following are testimonials based on first hand experiences of attendees to Jim's programs.

Rockwell Collins

“He was one of the most engaging speakers I have had the pleasure of hearing.  Such clever tricks and plays on words and his humor was infectious!”


“He was fabulous and I enjoyed everything about his presentation!  He is a great motivational speaker, very energetic and entertaining, and I liked his magic tricks!”

“I loved this event. I have never been this engaged with a speaker nor have I ever laughed as hard.  I wrote down some suggestions he gave us and I am looking forward to try them.

“Jim hit some key points as reminders for our every day life situations, both at work and at home.  He's a dynamic speaker, had an inspiring presentation and his glass is always full.”

“He was very entertaining while getting the point across.  Very good speaker and knew how to get the audience to participate which made it even more fun.  Time well spent.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the speaker and presentation. His humor and magic tricks were a delight. I enjoyed the audience participation.”

“Very motivating and truly was uplifting to just sit back and laugh, yet still learn, be engaged and be comfortable.”

“Excellent!  He was engaging and the presentation just flowed seamlessly.  You weren't looking at your watch wondering when is this going to get over.    He had great messages throughout the presentation.”

JCSL Conference

“He energized me to have more conversations with other adults and students!”

“He had pizzazz and awesome energy!”

“Passionate about what he is teaching and it shows.”

Beyond Rubies

“This was a wonderful workshop.  I feel like I've learned a lot about communication.”

“I can see your passion on your face and in your work, keep the faith.  Loved it and learned a lot.”

“All the info-excellent! I can use the info at work and home.”

Critical Care Conference

“We need more speakers like James Jelinske who focus on teamwork and a healthy work environment.”

“I’m going through a challenging time personally.  Jim Jelinske helped me laugh and relax for the first time in 5 ½ weeks.”

“James Jelinske was amazing and super funny!  I could have listened to him all day.”


“Humor program great.  He certainly kept us awake and laughing.”

“Great way to encourage changes in the workplace.”

Companies Jim has worked with:

Rainbow Oil

Iowa Limestone producers

Scott Community College

ADM Polymers

Medical Associates


CE Solutions Group

Eldridge Chamber of Commerce

Monroe Wisconsin Park and Recreation

Decorah Bank and trust


St. Luke's Hospital

Spencer Ag Center

Platteville Mound State bank

International falls School District

University of Iowa-Child Health Specialty

Eldridge Chamber of Commerce

Quad City Medical Group

Luther Manor Nursing Home

Prudential Retirement



21st Annual CUNA Conference -Hollywood, CA

Ozakee County Senior Conference

WHPMMA Conference

Beyond Rubies Conference

Iowa caregivers Conference

Palliative Care and Hospice Conference

Women's Leadership Conference

Critical Care Conference

Juvenile Court School Liaison Conference

Wisconsin Family Based Services Assoc. Conference

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