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Motivating, Educating and Inspiring

A nationally recognized professional, Jim’s energetic approach and varied experience have brought him success with organizations and businesses. Jim’s greatest strength is his passion.  His energy transfers to his audiences and adds life and character to events and programs. His humor, quick wit, and ability to connect make each of Jim’s valuable programs successful. Jim has conducted numerous keynotes, breakouts and presentations tailored to his audiences.

Customizing Your Customer Service

Enhance the foundation of specific "core value" service to engage your clients.

Synopsis: Prior to the actual presentation Jim offers an assessment piece to determine the current workplace culture and examine the customer service skill level of your employees. Following the assessment phase of the program Jim designs a presentation that is customized and specific to the company's service mission. Following the presentation a follow up questionnaire will be administered to determine if the climate effect of the training was successful.

An Impact Performance Assessment, is perfect for situations where you need to:

  • Diagnose performance gaps so you can take measures to address them

  • Calibrate the uniformity of employees performance so your customers get a consistent experience

  • Move your team's performance from good to great

  • Moti¬vate employees to make changes that can dramatically improve the quality of their service.

"Can You Hear Me Now?" Good!

Communication is the most essential life skill and so much more than words.

Developed to provide participants with an awareness of daily communication barriers, it's impact on others and learning engagement skills to communicate effectively. The essential and most vital listening skill is defined with real life examples and the opportunities to experience first hand the de-escalation process of this tool.


This program is assured to sharpen the current working communication between all employees through words and actions. The ultimate goal is to establish a respectful and civil communication foundation, which will enhance the productivity of your organization.

You Can’t Be Serious!

Using humor as the superglue that holds us all together in this stressed out world.

Stress is a destroyer of relationships, goals and the ability to connect. Humor is a way reducing that stress and looking at all workplace issues with an attitude of joy and happiness. Why use humor? Because it works!


This fast paced presentation includes the "most inspirational humor prop ever" is geared to expound on the productive tools of "how we choose to see things." Learning some basic, yet powerful thinking can change the outcome of change barriers, which dampen spirits and cause toxic behavior.

Motivation Magic

Staying up when things get down.

Motivation is the primary driver for increasing individual productivity. Teams that tap into individual potential outperform those who have a more task-oriented focus. When leaders select and direct based on unique motivational needs, maximum results are achieved.


  • Learn four motivation techniques that work like magic.

  • Discover the “Tricks of the Trade” to stay motivated and inspired.

  • Assess for Success: Measuring morale to determine your motivational game plan.

  • Management tips for Motivating Employees

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